Exploring Sydney - what is worth visiting in Sydney?


Exploring SydneyAs the oldest city in all of Australia, Sydney stands alone as the custodian of the continent’s history. So rich is the city’s history, that passersby, who visit the country for business, or other missions unrelated to tourism have admitted to creating little wiggle room in their schedule, to take in the unparalleled history in bare display at a city that was once a convict colony.

What is worth visiting in Sydney?These slices of breathtaking history only add to the charm of a city that is indubitably the most beautiful and culturally diverse city in all of Australia. By means of a robust appetite for arts and sports, as well as a precious heritage, Sydney embodies the picture of a cultural city accommodating people luxuriating in its magnificence.

The spectacular landscape of Sydney features sun-kissed coasts located beside momentous man-made attractions and the promising adventure that the wildlife of the surrounding wilderness, Sydney has no reason to be modest, in a claim of being the premier center of fascination in the country.

So, if you want to get the most out of your visit to Sydney, here are a few sights to see, and things to do, before you can say that you have maximized the exciting experience, that is available, only in Sydney.

Sitting on the Steps of the Sydney Opera House

Starting off strong with the biggest attraction in Sydney, the iconic building design has become so symbolic with Sydney, that most trivia and games use the glorious construction, to represent the entire city.

Sydney Opera House is the most famous

The Sydney Opera house, being a World Heritage Site supported by UNESCO, feeds the eyes not only with its unique exterior design that resembles flying sails or stacked shells, the interior architecture birthed from the work of Jorn Utzon is a perfect match for the pearly white peripherals, projected over the also famous Sydney Harbour.

Located at Bennelong Point, which is right at the edge of the city, the landmark is blessed with an interesting history. You should make sure you book an appointment with a tour guide, to explain the clear and interesting points of history of the Opera House, so it’s cultural depth doesn’t pass you by.

Dare to Climb to the Summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge

People who have ventured to see the Sydney Opera House should take advantage of proximity to take a walk across the largest steel arch bridge in the world. Before the Sydney Opera House was created, the ‘Coathanger’, as the Sydney Harbour Bridge is called by the locals, was the center of tourist attention in Sydney.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Admiring it from the ground is filling, walking leisurely across the bridge fills even better, but the greatest sense of fulfilment comes to those who try as much as they can to climb to the zenith of the 135-meter high peak of the bridge’s single arch. The ascent is guided, and the peak rewards the climbers with a unique view of the Sydney.

Window-shopping at the Queen Victoria Building

Shopping in Sydney is incomplete without making a stop at the Queen Victoria Building in George Street, to take in the Romanesque construction of the market at the very least.

More than 200 high-class shops take up space neatly in a restored market hall featuring a massive dome surrounded by 20 smaller domes. Most visitors spend more time staring at the majesty of the mosaic floors and inspirational stained windows. Others go straight for the ‘Tea Room’, a top-recommendation from locals because of the beautiful crystal chandeliers set on the ‘High Tea’ in the building section.

Take in the oceanic view at a Sydney Beach

There is a remarkable list of exquisite beaches to be found in the biggest city in Australia. From the Bondi beach that was made even more famous by Television shows like ‘Bondi Rescue’, to the Excellent Palm beach which was also featured on a Television show, Australia’s ‘Home and Away’, you can tell that the beaches are beautiful parts of a naturally blessed Sydney that Australia is always proud to show off.

Sydney Beach

Also, the Coogee, Cronulla, Bronte, Manly, and Maroubra all welcome surfers with nice breaks, while giving off great vibes and views for other visitors who just want to relax and look. Life-saving and surfing competitions numbering above a hundred take place in the beaches of Sydney every year.

Winning Brilliantly at The Star Sydney Casino

Exclusively for those who are looking for the excitement and thrill that comes with Gambling, the Star Sydney provides a world-class casino equipped with more than 1500 poker machines and 30 poker tables – owing to the fascination of Australians with poker, and 200 tables that serve for more than 30 other different games.

The Star Sydney Casino

The Star is famous for its glittering appearance, in keeping with its name, great food with more than 20 restaurants and bars at your behest. Also, The Star Sydney has accommodational facilities that include 351 rooms and more than 100 suites, even if the casino is what really grips the mind.

Gamble away in the Warm Auspices of the City Tattersalls Club

When an establishment has lasted for a century, and is still favored by casino players from all over world, you know they mean business. The secret to the City Tattersalls Club lasting more than 120 years of operation is, however, the opposite.

By providing clients with impeccable customer service and a long list of gaming options geared at ensuring customer satisfaction, the City Tattersalls Club have made the most of the 40 slots they have for gaming.

More importantly, the City Tattersalls Club runs a round-the-clock service structure, so the clients can play games for as long as they like. Also, the casino offers posh dining in an elegant atmosphere to make sure you have doubts when you finally decide to leave.

Just Visit the Regent Seven Seas Voyager Casino

Want a memory that lasts a lifetime? Then create one in one of the most popular casinos in all of Australia. Tourists and locals blend seamlessly, as they battle away at slot machines and casino tables that offer an expansive range of games spanning more Blackjack, Roulette, Mini Craps or, of course, Poker.

The experience in the Seven Seas Voyager casino is clearly intended to provide a place where gambling is the only language needed to communicate.

Shortcut: The Harbour Cruise at Circular Quay

Many locals in Sydney have still not explored all of Sydney’s grandness, even after spending years living in the colorful city. If you want to have a taste of the entire city at once, sign up for a boat cruise that starts at Circular Quay. Circular Quay is the main ferry terminal in Sydney, and provides a powerful punch of entertainment through the popular Sydney Harbour Coffee Cruise, which lasts for about two hours.

For those two hours, you will be exposed to the waterfront perspective of the city of Sydney. After then, a short walk will take you to unique locations like the Royal Botanic Gardens via the Sydney Opera House. Also within walking distance is the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Rocks and the Harbour Bridge.

For most of the experiences, you should probably hire a photographer to cover the memories, or take a lot of selfies. After all, a picture is worth a thousand more words than your insistence that you have been to Sydney, and Sydney is just as unbelievable!

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